I'm Back Pfttt


Long time not been here. Hye awesome guys? You think you're awesome.-.-. What a suprise right sunddenly I'm back and start blogging again. 3 weeks without blog like 3 months without food. Naivelife! Ermm now my blog being able to speak in English . Please don't curse up my blog. She's not perfect but she's tyring to be perfect.* I mean my blog NOT ME. :p  Everybody know that nothings is perfect in this world either you had praise it up more than everything you had.


Sometimes I feel I'm gonna down in everythings I do.You too right? But it can be overcome since you need to share it with the person that you trust she/he the most in your life.But now I'm wanna write everything in this diaryblog.She's my bestie my twin.Arghh it's not promotion time.

For this entry I got nothing to write on. Just wanna saya hye hoy hyi hua to my fan * You killing me *. Okey okey I'm feeling bad right now in this situation when I need to sleep earlier  because I have a camp tomorrow but I'm still not finish blogging yet!. very very very very sadlife. 24/7 studying schooling -.-  It's very disgusted ! 

Before I run away . This is declaration my feelings towards my group, Taekwondo SMKADG .congrates guys.

click for enlargement

I'm Ayna Umairah Yusof as the member of SMKADG Taekwondo Club feeling very proud *OME. that's all thanks you. What? a simple and short speech.ohhh ohh before that. Hihihihihihi happy birthday to my lovely teacher miss julia.We had an enjoyable party.Serious.To Sir, thanks for that chickens.. KOKK KOKK KOKK! * aku teringat dekat #TweetCiken 

Ayna Umairah Yusof
Cool, Simple, Enjoy

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