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Bismillahirahmanirahim And Assalamualaikum :)

When someone made a silly mistake
Dont pour your "broken heart feeling" towards them.
Hey you
We are human.

Humans are not perfect, we made mistakes again and again throughout our whole life.
But from there we learn, improve and try to be a better person day by day.
Let us view it the other way around.
Try putting ourselves in their shoes. If we made a mistake, we would want to be forgiven.
If time can be turned back, we would not want things to happen the way it has happened.
Why is it hard for us to forgive other people when we wanted the same thing when we were in their shoes?
One thing we should reflect upon is that Allah is Al-Ghafur .
He forgives His servants for whatever mistakes we had done.
And things happen for a reason wheather you realize it or not
Sometimes it happens opposite than what we wish for
Because He indeed know
What we wish for is not what we need
Sometimes it happens contradict to our timing
Because He indeed know when is the best time for us to accept it
Sometimes it happen unexpectedly, surprising us from the bush
Because He indeed know you are ready for it
Sometimes little that you realize the reason behind it
But do know something happen for a reason

And the reason Only Allah knows
Hey you
Stop running and searching for this Dunya but please start chasing the eternal Jannah, start chasing for the blessings of Allah
Stop your heart from wanting this Dunya bu rather make your heart wanting Akhirah
Stop yourself from the love of this Dunya but rather love the everlasting Akhirah
Stop yourself from giving everything to this Dunya for it will perish one day, sooner or later
No doubt about that
Stop yourself , top your heart , stop your nafsu
By having Imaan in the heart InsyaAllah :)
There's a time when you realize
Something somewhere somehow is just wrong without any reason
Your heart is not at peace And your mind feels a mess
Blame not on others but rather check your Ibadah towards Him and check your relationship with Him
For might be you have get diverted from Him
That you feels attach to this Dunya and detach from His Mercy
Blame not on anything but rather make the effort to return back to Him
For only by returning back to Him, will your heart feels the tranquility
His blessing and your sins. Which one is greater?
Fear not my dear.
Repent and return to Him and He will always accept you InsyaAllah
Surely you know that one of the best moment
Is when we are awake at 4 in the morning and perform the prayers.
For the tons of worries will be gone within one sujood

And indeed Tahajjud is a moment of tranquillity
And when the heart feels empty just perform Wudu’
And when the heart feels empty just sit for a moment and put every other thing aside
And when the heart feels empty just think and reflect of your actions and words
And when the heart feels empty just perform 2 rakaat of prayer
And when the heart feels empty just prolong your sujud
And when the heart feels empty just raise both of your hands and ask His guidance
And when the heart feels empty just grab your piece of Quran
And when the heart feels empty just recite the words of Allah
And when the heart feels empty just istighfar and istighfar
And when the heart feels empty just ask for His Forgiveness
And when the heart feels empty it’s just the perfect time to turn to Him

P/s: ada satu lagi gambar tapi line internet macam kura-kura cengkerang pecah so sorry bebanyak. Mood merajuk dengan internet. Dah lah taknak belanja encik internet eskrim BR

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Nurul Syuhadah said...

A best planner is Allah S.W.T.
HE knows what the best and good for His nations or Ummah.

I love your entry :)

Will keep visit you. Salam ukhuwah :)